Ascendente Winery

White Salmon's newest Winery & Tasting Room

White Salmon Washington's Newest Winery and Tasting Room. 

A family of Friends

Jim, Deb, Charlie and Cheryl first started planning Ascendente Winery in 2009 - eventually opening our White Salmon Tasting Room in the Spring of 2014.   We have been friends so long we're really family, sharing our stories and passion for wine with each other, our families and now the world.  

Whether it's Grandfather Primo's Rich Dago Red, Luna Maude's Luscious Lunatique or Guillermo's Folly straight from the Bingen Bodega, our Ascendente (Italian for anscestors) inspire us! We welcome you to come drink in our stories and share yours.

Who knows, you might even be the inspiration behind our next bottle!


our story...

A Family of Wines



Primo Cellars is the first of two in our current family of wines. They are crafted from the legacy of Primo Primoli, grandfather of winemaker Jim Lambo. Primo made Italian style vino de casa, just as he did in Italy. Primo would often take his young grandson, Jim (4), to the basement cellar to taste the vino. As Jim grew older, he would ride his bike down to his grandfather’s house in Georgetown (a suburb of Seattle) to help with the crush and press. These memories, coupled with a driving passion for good wine, have inspired Jim as he crafts our Northwest Italian style wines.

Jim has been making wine since 1995, usually involving many groups of friends and relatives. Jim started wine making from wine kits, then moved up to fresh grapes and continued through the Boeing Wine Club. Jim brought his wine making style to The Gorge in 2007.



SoLuna Wines have long been a reflection of Charlie and Cheryl’s take on life. Cheryl claims to be solar powered and is always chasing after the sunnyside of things. Charlie seems to come alive when the sun goes down and the moon and stars are out. Luna Maud was Cheryl’s great-grandmother and a bit crazy for adventure long before it was stylish – a woman ahead of her time. Luna is the inspiration for our Soluna Lunatique. Soluna Wines bring together Spanish and Italian tradition, the fresh new styles of the Pacific Northwest, and just a bit of crazy.