Ascendente Winery

White Salmon's newest Winery & Tasting Room

White Salmon Washington's Newest Winery and Tasting Room. 



Our passion for wine grew out of a need to gather.  When the guys found themselves working in the small town of Bingen without their significant others, they turned to wine, not to drown their sorrows, but to enjoy, savor and experience.   At 5:03 pm, five guys, weary from the technology world, would up at the local wine shop - our friend Guillermo proclaimed it the 'Cathedral of Joy'.  The guys drank good wine, told their stories and eventually realized they didn't just want to drink the wine, they wanted to make it too!

Soon we women showed up, and even recruited a guy who knew a thing or two about wine making.   Word got out and Willie (short for Guillermo) moved the whole gang - which had now grown considerably larger - to his garage: The Bodega, where we all started making wine of our own.

At this point, we realized we were not just friends anymore, but a family - La Familia - and 5:03 was institutionalized.  5:03, the hour almost every Wednesday, to this day, at which La Familia gathers at The Bodega to celebrate good wine, good company and good stories.  

Ascendente grew out of 5:03 and La Familia:  our need to gather, to make good wine and to tell our stories.